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PC Locking Plate

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The main features of PC locking plate:

1, PC locking buckle set a good lighting, insulation and high strength performance.

2, PC locking plate provides a lightweight, non thermal expansion and leak proof design, can withstand very high load. U system has a lot of things to make it an ideal choice for long-term use of a variety of projects.

3, PC locking plate unique U connection and free floating structure, can enhance the ability to resist external force, to solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction to achieve 100 seepage leakage.

4, PC locking plate type U connection structure to make the whole building to reduce the load, can increase the length of the backbone of the skeleton or reduce the support skeleton strong work, and even can use the structure of self saving bracket. Higher impact strength.

5, PC locking plate consists of two parts, the installation is very simple and fast. Adopting U type lock catch structure, the whole roof system of the solar panel is all transparent imported polycarbonate material. Aluminum layering and sealant, very beautiful and generous.

The main application of PC locking plate: building; commercial and retail buildings, sports venues, the roof canopy walkway. The open market; gas station; entrance ceiling, ceiling, roof pool: building skylight, canopy, facade lighting, partition; private or commercial retail buildings, car kiosks, lighting, lighting and other dome hall; recreation gymnasium, swimming pool, gym; agricultural greenhouses, gardening and other new lighting velarium.

Product categories: transportation facilities > booth

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